Best Man for the Best Job


Hi, my name’s Pete, and I’m applying for the best job in the world. This is a small web site to tell you a bit more about why I’m the best man for the best job than I can cover in my one minute video application (above). If you haven’t watched the video though, check that out first! And please vote for me here (5 stars would be nice :) !!).

World Traveller, Adventurer, Diver, Photographer

Like many of the job applicants, I’m a seasoned world traveller. I’ve visited 35 countries on 6 continents, including 5 or so trips to Australia, where I did my first ever scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve since become PADI certified and been diving in Grand Cayman and Cozumel, and would love to return to Queensland and take in more of the fantastic diving there, now I have more experience. I’m an accomplished wildlife and travel photographer - check out some of my photos. I love experiencing new places, trying new things, and meeting new people, as does my parter Paula.

Techno wizard

I’m a bit of a techno wizard - I finished top of my class in Computer Science at Oxford University, I’ve been CTO of two of the world’s top 200 software companies as well as a successful startup, and I’m currently Founder and President of a web startup called Spatial Networking, which has an application called whereyougonnabe, which involves social networking and travel. I’m known as a leading innovator in the area of computer mapping - check out my professional bio if you’re interested! I write a blog on geospatial technology called geothought (my blog from the islands would be a little less technical and more fun!).

Why all this is important for this job is that I would do some really cool and innovative things in terms of publishing information about my travels, like interactive multimedia maps, panoramic photos, photosynths and more. In addition to having the best job in the world and the best marketing campaign in the world, I would help Queensland create the best interactive tourism website in the world! For a quick flavor, check out this two minute video, and see the Best Web Site section for more details.


I have had many articles published and have spoken at conferences all over the world. I’ve won 10 speaker awards, including two from Australia. I’ve shared a stage with Colin Powell, speaking in front of 5000 people, and have spoken in front of the Princess of Thailand. And throughout my career I’ve been involved in many creative marketing initiatives (though none as good as this one!).

A variety of perspectives

I believe that Paula and I would bring a variety of perspectives to all our fun activities in Queensland, and I think that many potential visitors to the Great Barrier Reef would relate to us. We both love snorkeling and diving, but at the same time we are not really advanced divers, so I think we would relate well to the “average” visitor (hard core divers really don’t need much selling on coming to the Great Barrier Reef!). And while diving and snorkeling are a huge part of what the area has to offer, there is much more too. We both really enjoy spas (especially Paula!) and eating out, from barbies on the beach to fine restaurants, and we look forward to exploring the great things that Queensland has to offer in these areas and others too.


And I’m fun too! Check out my video :) !!


Why me?