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With all due respect to the Island Caretaker job, its responsibilities are somewhat lighter than the type of jobs I am used to (which is a big attraction of course :) !!). Apart from all my hard work enjoying the attractions of the reef, feeding the fish, and creating fun videos, I would spend time helping Queensland create the coolest interactive tourist web site in the world, taking advantage of the latest technologies and maybe even inventing a few new ones! This page lists just a few things I would do.

Geotagging Photos (and Videos)

I carry a GPS unit with me when I travel, and by running some software after uploading my photos, I can store the location that each one was taken in - this is called geotagging. You can then display the photos on a map in various systems including flickr, Picasa and Google Earth. This is one simple technique I would use to build up a fantastic multimedia online picture of Queensland. Check out the 2 minute video below for more!

Panoramic Images

New technology makes it possible to create extremely high resolution “gigapixel” images which create a highly immersive and interactive view of an environment. Below is an example I took in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. This image was created from 140 separate photos, combined into a 495 megapixel image.

This was done using a device called a GigaPan Epic, which you mount on a tripod and which rotates the camera and takes all these pictures. I was one of the first people to own one of these devices and helped beta test it before it was generally available. Below you can see me using it in very cold winds on Mount Evans. I would love to use it in a more tropical setting to create panoramas like this throughout the Great Barrier Reef Islands.


Microsoft has another very cool approach to creating immersive views of a environment, called Photosynth. You can read more about this at my blog, and you can click here to see some scenes that I have created.

Social Networking and Travel Planning

My company is very involved in developing new solutions to help people plan their future travel to enable them to meet their friends or discover interesting events which fit with their travel. These types of tools could also be very useful for tourist activities - for example to publish the caretaker’s travel plans for people who would like to meet him or her to talk abut their own experiences on the barrier reef. The following video is a fun animation showing the travels of my friends over a period of 3 months.

The Best Web Site in the World

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